Danish Centre of Architecture - Room 7

24th May


Accelerating EU action on building renovation and finance through the revised Energy Performance of Buildings Directive

At the crossroads of the CEM campaign on nearly zero-energy buildings and the CEM initiative on clean energy finance, this side event will showcase how Europe will accelerate building renovation and mobilise investments through the revised Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD), which is the key piece of EU legislation in this field. This event will be opened by Miguel Arias Cañete, European Commissioner for Climate Action and Energy and Brune Poirson, Secretary of State to the French Ministry for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition, and will feature a high-level panel moderated by Dominique Ristori, Director-General for Energy at the European Commission (tbc), and including as speakers Bendt Bendtsen, Member of the European Parliament and Rapporteur for the revision of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, as well as key decision makers from the finance sector and industry such as Peter Damgaard Jensen, CEO of the Danish pension fund manager PKA, and Niels Kåre Bruun, CEO of Better Home.


Public registration contact for non-CEM/MI delegates: Rasa.Pilkiene@ec.europa.eu


Perspectives on Smart Energy Storage Systems

This event is a forum for knowledge exchange on smart use of energy storage systems as an enabler for renewables. The focus will be on the electric power system and its interaction with storage of energy in other forms, including chemical storage in batteries, hydro power reservoirs and heat.
The anticipated outcome is to enlighten desired development in technology and regulatory frameworks to support an economically viable use of energy storage.
Results of the event will be used in a Case Book on Energy Storage Systems to be published within ISGAN – International Smart Grid Action Network.


Public registration contact for non-CEM/MI delegates: magnus.olofsson@energiinstitutet.se


Delivering Sustainable Cooling in a Warming World

Cooling in buildings is a fast growing global sector, bringing great benefits in terms of comfort, well- being and productivity. As global incomes rise, and with more people living in hotter regions, the energy used for space cooling is growing faster than for any other end use in buildings, more than tripling between 1990 and 2016. Without firm policies and action future global cooling demand growth will come at great costs economically, socially and environmentally. This high-level event will draw attention to the importance of sustainable cooling and will highlight new actions and new commitments to drive sustainable and equitable access to the benefits of cooling globally. The event is proudly hosted by Mexico, with support from China, the International Energy Agency and the Kigali Cooling Efficiency Program (K-CEP).


Public registration contact for non-CEM/MI delegates: energy.efficiency@iea.org


Perspectives for Offshore Wind Energy

Offshore wind energy has recently seen rapid technology cost reductions and substantial uptake in different markets. New technology developments such as floating foundations have the potential for enabling deployment of offshore wind technology in an even larger set of marine areas. The event will thus provide a timely opportunity for discussion between industry and government representatives from different lead markets. Leading practitioners and experts will highlight good practices in terms of regulatory frameworks enabling offshore wind deployment and provide updates on technology developments. Government representatives will highlight targets and perspectives for offshore wind energy in their jurisdictions and discuss opportunities for international cooperation.


Public registration contact for non-CEM/MI delegates: Marius.Backhaus@bmwi.bund.de


Mobilising Cities to Scale Up Electric Mobility for the Clean Energy Transition

Cities are subject to the highest exposure to some of the major negative impacts of transportation, such as noise and air pollution. Thanks to the progressive attitude of urban dwellers, cities have also had the opportunity to become excellent platforms for the development of innovations.
The Electric Vehicles Initiative (EVI) accounted for these issues and opportunities when it developed its EV30@30 Campaign, including in it the development of the Pilot City Programme.
This side event is intended to launch this new platform, aiming for the facilitation of the transition to electric mobility in metropolitan environments and backed by major cities in several EVI countries.

Public registration contact for non-CEM/MI delegates: transportinfo@iea.org


Launch of the EQUAL by 30 Campaign for a Gender-Diverse Energy Sector (C3E)

The event will launch the new ‘Equal by 30’ campaign on gender-diversity under the CEM. It will feature  commitments from governments, industry and other organisations to advance gender equality in the energy sector. Through this campaign, we are bringing together leadership from across the energy sector to galvanize action, and help all players – from private sector companies to governments at all levels – find common ground for action to achieve equal pay, equal leadership, and equal opportunities by 2030.

Following this side-event, The Hawthorn Club will host a networking cocktail reception from 17:30-19:00 at Café of the Danish Architecture Centre.


Public registration contact for non-CEM/MI delegates: cem9-mi3@gov.se