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24th May


Bridging and Building to a Renewable Energy Future

Renewables update continues to increase: renewables are now cheaper than existing installed fossil and nuclear capacity.  In 2017, they had the highest growth rate of any fuels meeting 30% of the world’s energy growth. However, uptake is not happening fast enough to the SDGs nor to limit CO~2~ emissions. Uptake is uneven both regionally and at the sector level. These disconnects need to be resolved if we are to achieve a renewable energy future.

This session is built around the latest data from REN21’s soon-to-be release Renewables 2018 Global Status Report. Representatives from Denmark, Germany and the European Commission will discuss what government can do to address these disconnects. How government can support sector coupling and reduce regional differences will also be debated.


Public registration contact for non-CEM/MI delegates: secretariat@ren21.net


Clean Energy from the Oceans : Exchange of best practices

Every day our oceans provide incredible amounts of kinetic, thermal and chemical energy. Despite growing energy needs, we are only harnessing a minute fraction of this energy in our oceans. Promising technologies have been developed and these technologies now need to move from testing to commercial deployment. The event aims to showcase innovative technologies with a vast potential in a number of CEM country members, including those with growing electricity demand, large coastal regions, or ambitious renewable energy targets. The focus of the discussion will be on what efforts should be made to help this technology break through into the market.


Public registration contact for non-CEM/MI delegates: Jan.STEINKOHL@ec.europa.eu


Intelligent market design – boosting global smart grid deployment, followed by the ISGAN award of excellence ceremony

This high-level panel discussion brings together key stakeholders and policy experts to discuss the influence of market design on smart grid deployment in an international context involving opportunities on both the local/decentralized and the regional/interconnected level. Key questions to be addressed are; how to design energy markets for a greater variety of stakeholders and roles, how to achieve energy system integration and interaction and what are the key elements in market design that we must focus on to accelerate deployment of smart grid technologies and solutions?

High-level panel discussion - agenda and panelists here

Public registration contact for non-CEM/MI delegates to the high-level panel discussion: info@swedishsmartgrid.se

The ISGAN Award of Excellence international competition showcases leadership and innovation in smart grid projects around the world.

Ceremony for ISGAN Awards of Excellence 2018 - agenda here


From Global to Local Lighting Challenge - The Road to Reduction

Small changes can make a huge difference! Come, listen and discuss the possibilities with energy efficient lighting of good quality. Hear the story of how Sweden tackled the Global Lighting Challenge by going local. What did we learn? How can you go from pledge to deployment?
We will share our experiences and thinking, as well as listen to participants from the challenge!

Breaking news! During the event we will announce and celebrate the completion of the Global Lighting Challenge – which has served as great inspiration and vast commitments surpassing the goal of 10 billion lighting products!


We will arrange a study visit, leaving by bus from Malmö Live on Wednesday 23rd May 13:00-17:00, to look at innovative new lighting projects in Lund and Malmö: an apartment and a school with dynamic light. 

Public registration contact for non-CEM/MI delegates: click here

To register for the site visit, click here


Sustainable Cities and Eco-energy Towns: Technologies and Future Perspectives

The event will provide an opportunity to share best practices of improvements in energy efficiency and energy sustainability in cities and rural areas. During the event, participants will discuss recent trends which accelerate deployment of clean energy technologies and policies for the development of cities and towns and possible synergy between governments and cities (towns) towards clean energy transition. This side event supports the Sustainable Cities and Eco-energy Towns initiative, which was launched at CEM8.


Public registration contact for non-CEM/MI delegates: yschoi@keei.re.kr


Work Stream Award Ceremonies

CEM Awards provide critical recognition and visibility for key issues and achievements in clean energy. They are a crucial way for the CEM to encourage clean energy innovation, catalyse markets toward highly effective and efficient clean energy solutions and build and recognise clean energy leadership.

The CEM Awards raise awareness about top-performing technologies, products, and solutions, which can boost both consumer and market confidence. They focus industry attention on high-impact areas of opportunity, where greater innovation is needed to unlock major energy and emissions savings. And they support replication of successful practices and concepts to encourage greater participation and adoption. All of these help drive the clean energy revolution forward.

The CEM Award for energy management achievements – the Energy Management Leadership Awards – recognises organisations using an ISO 50001-certified energy management system to save energy and reduce costs. This award helps accelerate broad implementation of these proven systems to help meet organizational, national, and global energy and climate goals.

CEM’s Energy Management Working Group (EMWG) sponsors these awards.