Welcome to the Nordic Clean Energy Week

April 27, 2018
Nordic Clean energy Week

The Clean Energy Ministerial and Mission Innovation meetings will take place in parallel to a diverse range of energy related activities in the Greater Copenhagen region and Malmö collectively known as the “Nordic Clean Energy Week”.

Nordic Clean Energy Week will provide the opportunity for politicians, researchers, busi-ness and industry to participate in exciting and engaging events focusing on future energy solutions, clean energy transition and integration of clean energy. The events will take place at various locations throughout the Greater Copenhagen region and Malmö. 

Join Energy ministers and contribute to the dialogue

Decision makers, companies, investors, innovators, researchers, experts, and media will converge in Copenhagen and Malmö to discuss cleantech and clean energy solutions on a variety of issues, including the following events: 

  • EE Global Forum: Partnership-building and content focused on energy efficiency.
  • Clean Energy Investment Forum: A platform to accelerate private investments into clean energy projects.
  • Cleantech Capital Day: Matchmaking between industry and investors.
  • Sustainable Urban Solutions: Leading Nordic and global cities and partners ex-plore sustainable solutions.
  • Digital Round Table: Solutions for a future energy system powered by 100% CO2-free energy with a global outlook.
  • Energy Infrastructure Forum: TSOs and EU member states exploring how to cre-ate a better energy infrastructure in Europe.
  • Clean Energy Action Arenas: 5 meeting places gathering activities on green mo-bility, smart industry, sustainable cities, smart grids and heating&cooling.
  • Battery Conference: Challenge driven battery research for cost and resource efficiency.
  • And numerous other energy related events!

Besides great opportunities to engage in a vivid blend of clean energy events, inspirational visits to Nordic technological solutions will be possible, including the Vestas Visitor Centre, EnergyLab Nordhavn, the waste-to-energy facility Amager Resource Center, the smart grid and heating solutions in the cities of Malmö and Lund.

To learn more about the full range of possibilities and the program of the week, please visit nordiccleanenergyweek.com or contact energyweek@stateofgreen.com (activities in DK) or Lars Braedstrup-Holm, Region Skåne (activities in SE). Don’t let this unique opportunity to contribute to the clean energy transition pass by.

See you at the Nordic Clean Energy Week!