Successful EU-Nordic hosting of Clean Energy Ministerial

May 24, 2018
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COPENHAGEN – Twenty-six Energy Ministers, the European Commissioner for Climate Action and Energy, leaders from global energy organizations, and other high-level government representatives from all around the world met today at the ninth Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM), co-hosted by Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, the Nordic Council of Ministers, and the European Commission representing the European Union, in Copenhagen. Business leaders from the energy sector and high-level representatives from the world of finance also played a key role in the meeting.

CEM member countries account for approximately 90% of global clean energy investment and 75% of global greenhouse gas emissions. CEM is therefore an important forum when it comes to advancing the global clean energy transition and the ministerial meeting carried one unifying message: expanding clean energy is a top priority globally. 

CEM members launched new work in a number of different areas, including clean energy investment and finance, energy efficiency and renewable energy, as well as new initiatives aimed at cleaner electricity generation and climate change mitigation.

Underlining the importance of the CEM, the Netherlands was officially welcomed as the newest member of the forum. Poland and Argentina also attended, looking to deepen their engagement in the future.

Strong new partnerships were forged with private companies and organisations like the World Bank, European Investment Bank, Global Environment Facility, and Green Climate Fund, adding expertise, insights, and impact to the work of the CEM. Already-existing partnerships with organizations like the International Energy Agency and the International Renewable Energy Agency were strengthened through their support of the ongoing and new work of the CEM.  

As the world of energy is rapidly changing, the CEM continues to reflect and support those changes. Today’s meeting confirmed the CEM’s role as a key collaborative forum on clean energy.


Danish Ministry of Energy, Utilities and Climate
Christian Lietzen
Telephone: + 45 4172 3876

European Commission
Miguel Puente
Telephone: + 32 460 79 52 42

Clean Energy Ministerial Secretariat
Eva Stepniewska, Manager of Communications and Operations 
Telephone: +33 (0) 6 33 68 90 47



“Denmark is proud to have hosted the Clean Energy Ministerial at such a pivotal moment for the changing world of global energy. Industrialized economies and major emerging economies must cooperate even closer to advance the low carbon transition. It was my privilege to showcase Denmark’s clean energy leadership and success in proving that sustainability and economic growth go hand in hand.”
Lars Christian Lilleholt
Denmark’s Minister of Energy, Utilities and Climate
“Hosting CEM9 has been a great opportunity for Sweden to show the world its leadership in the global energy and climate change arena. It is important for Sweden that the impact of CEM9 extends beyond this Ministerial meeting. We need to create sustainable solutions and approaches that can be adopted globally for decades to come. And for that we need to bring other key stakeholders to the table from all corners of the world to create global impact.” 
Ibrahim Baylan
Sweden’s Minister for Policy Coordination and Energy

“With the world embarking on a clean energy revolution, the CEM provides a forum for advancing our collective priority of putting in place policies to accelerate the deployment of clean energy technologies. To this end, we have made strong progress at our Ministerial meeting in Copenhagen, showcasing progress in the CEM’s ongoing work and introducing new work, as we take action together to accelerate the global uptake of clean energy innovation to boost sustainable jobs, growth and investment. The European Commission was pleased to be one of the hosts of this year’s Ministerial meeting and we will continue to demonstrate Europe’s clean energy leadership going forward, in particular by putting in place the most advanced regulatory framework, and using the CEM as one of the key global platforms for collaboration.” 
Miguel Arias Cañete
European Commissioner for Climate Action and Energy

“I believe in technology development. New technologies and solutions are critically important in our effort to reach our clean energy goals. Through the work of the CEM, we are contributing to accelerate the deployment of clean energy technology globally. Norway is a leader in the development of clean energy technologies. CO2 capture and storage (CCS) is one of the important technologies we work hard to develop and deploy. We are currently working to realize a full-scale CCS chain that will catch CO2 from industrial plants on the East coast and transport the CO2 by ship to the west coast for permanent storage offshore. If successful, this will show the potential and impact of CCS to the world and contribute to lower the costs of the successive CCS projects.”  
Terje Søviknes
Norway’s Minister of Petroleum and Energy

“Finland’s long-term goal is a carbon neutral society and we are working hard to reach that goal by 2045. We look forward to continuing to progress this work further also through the CEM with other members, the private sector, and key technical and funding organizations. As one of the hosts of CEM9, Finland was honoured to bring global clean energy leaders to Northern Europe to propel action towards a global low-carbon economy.” 
Kimmo Tiilikainen
Finland’s Minister of the Environment, Energy and Housing

“Today’s meeting has reinforced our collective contributions toward a low-carbon economy. We are pleased CEM Members and partners came to the Nordic region to see how we, within strong public-private partnerships, are building a cleaner and more prosperous clean energy future.”
Dagfinn Høybråten
Secretary-General of the Nordic Council of Ministers

“We look forward to welcoming Clean Energy Ministerial members to Canada next year to continue these important discussions. The road from Copenhagen to Vancouver is clear – we must continue to work with partner countries, international organizations, and the private sector in areas where clean energy innovation can drive economic growth and help build a low-carbon future.”
Kim Rudd
Parliamentary Secretary to Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources


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